Thursday, November 7, 2013

My FaVorite is~ FoOD~ ^^

Food is another sources in our life. & it is also an important needs in our daily basis. I, myself love FOOD~~ As an Asian people, we do eat a lot of Fatty Food~ lol~ ^^

Ever since staying in Singapore for a few months, I started to miss my hometown meals. Yes, it is really, pretty ABSOLUTELY hard to get rid of that craving once in awhile~ ><"

one of the famous in town:- "Kolok Mee" (& also miss the most~ T^T)

"Siow Bee":- The best that u can get is in Sibu Sarawak, Malaysia where they made it with freshly with pork meat & much more tastier too..

Love Cold dessert? this u gotta try~ we call it "Ice Chendol" with lots of sweet taste, add on palm sugar, condensed milk, red beans, sagos & ICE!!

Beside havin some cold drinks, why not add some hot snacks? Here, we call "Yam, Prawn Fritters" in Chinese Language, we call "Yu Tou Xia Bing"~ haha~ ^^

If ur looking for a taste of Asian Herbs with a bit of spice, u can try this one:- "Sarawak Laksa"~

Seriously, while uploading some of these pictures, it has making me missing home a lot & craving this delicious delicacies..
HAHA! ^0^

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