Thursday, November 7, 2013

My FaVorite is~ FoOD~ ^^

Food is another sources in our life. & it is also an important needs in our daily basis. I, myself love FOOD~~ As an Asian people, we do eat a lot of Fatty Food~ lol~ ^^

Ever since staying in Singapore for a few months, I started to miss my hometown meals. Yes, it is really, pretty ABSOLUTELY hard to get rid of that craving once in awhile~ ><"

one of the famous in town:- "Kolok Mee" (& also miss the most~ T^T)

"Siow Bee":- The best that u can get is in Sibu Sarawak, Malaysia where they made it with freshly with pork meat & much more tastier too..

Love Cold dessert? this u gotta try~ we call it "Ice Chendol" with lots of sweet taste, add on palm sugar, condensed milk, red beans, sagos & ICE!!

Beside havin some cold drinks, why not add some hot snacks? Here, we call "Yam, Prawn Fritters" in Chinese Language, we call "Yu Tou Xia Bing"~ haha~ ^^

If ur looking for a taste of Asian Herbs with a bit of spice, u can try this one:- "Sarawak Laksa"~

Seriously, while uploading some of these pictures, it has making me missing home a lot & craving this delicious delicacies..
HAHA! ^0^

Monday, August 19, 2013

New LIFE Starts Here

I've just realized that I have been ignoring blogging for another year.. After I read my friend's blog~ =_="
It was quite disappointing that I do not have any free time to blog.. Previously, it was because all job, that has makin me stuck with it & at last, i have quitting & get a new LIFE..

Starting now, I may need to try to blog something.. my NEW life in another country..
At first, it was really difficult for me to coop in a new environment.. Especially a place which is feel stranger to you..

But with my best friends right by my side, the difficulty in life will just a "mild" problem to you.. & I thanked them for caring me much~

Now, I'm in Singapore, where everyone said that the demands, efficiency, complaints & speaking English are common in this Lion country.. & I'm not lying on it! ><" Here, standing in front of a famous Marina Bay Sand Hotel..

When on a trip in Singapore, please do drop by to Universal Studio.. Where all the fun start!! I, myself did had a great time, playing & enjoying the rides with my bestie!

I had never seen a castle before.. & now, I had the chance!!

One of my favorite ride, besides the Mommy ride & Transformer's ride!

Food is also a MUST try when you are in Singapore.. This is one of my favorite dish.. Claypot Rice in Chinatown..

This is also one of my favorite at the moment.. Snowy Mango & you can get it also in Chinatown..

Here, I have been staying almost 4 months.. Still, there's a lot of places that I haven't conquer yet.. But when there's a will, there's a DAY.. lol~

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

suSHi mE

everyone has their favorite food in mind.. fast food, vegetarian food, seafood, western food or even chinese food.. 

for me, my only favorite food in the world (yes, i mean really really in da world) is sushi.. no matter how you create in different flavor, taste or ingredients, it is still my top number 1 food on the list.. ^o^

to satisfy my taste bud, my craving & my hungry during lunch, i take this most "important" opportunity to make my own homemade sushi.. here is how i do..
First, the ingredients: sushi wrappers, scramble eggs, hot dogs, carrots, mayonnaise & rice. make sure u have a bamboo mat to help you to roll it.
i normally buy this brand with 10pcs in it. coz sushi wrapper can't keep too long or the taste would not longer be fresh & not crispy went u eat it.
and here, with a bowl of normal or japanese rice. it is depend on you on how big or how much u wanna put in your sushi roll. the most important point that needs to put in the rice is the white vinegar & little pinch of sugar.. sugar will enhance the taste of the vinegar inside the sushi. if u need to add on something crispy, sesame seeds is the best example.
 Third, bamboo mat below. place the sushi wrapper on top. here is a little hint for u.. make sure your hands are wet all the time when putting on the rice on the sushi wrapper. press it firmly at the exact amount. i normally put my rice until it has cover up half of the sushi wrapper.
then, put on your favorite ingredients. i normally add in the mayonnaise on top of the rice to get the creamy taste. you can mix & match either in fruits, vegetables or seafood.. :)
wrap it slow. just take your time while wrapping it. make sure that the ingredients inside is wrap tightly & firmly. or you may have a disaster when cutting through the sushi later.
this is how it looks like when u wrap it.. normally, i will cut the end & eat it on the spot, coz that's the ugly one.. lolx.. another one more hint, before cutting the sushi, make sure your knife is wet. put some water or maybe mayonnaise on the knife. so that when you cut, it looks perfectly neat.
conclusion?? TADDAA~ my homemade sushi for lunch. it doesn't look nice but when it comes to taste it or eating it, it definitely a winner to me by enjoying this delicious yet healthy meal. i can eat it everyday if i want to.. and yes, i did it once for a week. ><"
this is another one type of sushi that i made last week.. just adding some ingredients, to get that better taste every time you want it. yummy!! ^^ (Y) 

hope you enjoy~

Thursday, August 23, 2012

back in life~

its's been a long long time that i have not touching anything in my blog.. things for the past one year isn't steady nor great year to me.. but with the supports & caring love from my friends & families, things all coming back in piece.. all i need to do, is to start my life all over again..

basically, i will start with lots & lots & lots of fresh photos.. from the past & the present.. it maybe sweet & yet, there will be bitterness in our life.. taking photos are my favorite past time of all.. with smartphone or cameras, i would just snap & let it be my memories to remember..
this is my little addy.. one of my favorite picture that i took in a car. lolx..
my 2 wonderful ladies in the family. Sis & mom~
my colleagues at works also important parts in my life

there are so much that i want to tell.. but i need to hold it on to another date of blooging, so it won't be tat bored easily when reading.. muahahaha~ will be back soon.

Friday, August 26, 2011


found an article which i really love yet meaningful to me.. reminds me of my beloved one which is now far away from my side..

doesnt mind on how i look, how i wear,
how i thought, how i laugh,
how i eat or how my attitude likes..
all he does is never ending loving me..
hope you love it..
love you dear..


其实 我没有你想像中的美丽

其实 我没有你想像中的完美

其实 我没有你想像中的坚强

可是 在茫茫的人海中



Monday, May 23, 2011

De Surprise

sorry for not updating my blogs for a very very long time.. but hey, life is like water that flows all the time.. & that is what life about.. :)

the word 'surprise' was my title, & it was my best surprised of all.. sooner or later, i will be with someone's life, which i couldnt believe it at all..

the story? well, kinda 'lightning strike' of a journey but soon will tell u once im his & CONFIRMED that im not doing the same old mistake again.. XD

would like to thanked my family who is always been there for me.. & to you, thanks for coming into my life & accepting of who am i.. eventhough we've known each other for so long & we just realised the "clicks" right now, i will cherish the moment with u, to have a memorable life with u too.. thank u...

Friday, April 1, 2011

~BlOoming MaRch~

can't believed that march is gone.. & im growin older a year already. there's lot of thing going on in my life & it felt like a dream just went in a glance..

i still remembered that last year on march, i was with my ex boyfriend walkin along at the beach in a beautiful day. but unfortunately, its just a memories for me to keep.

i thought to myself "hey, life is so short & lets all have all the fun we have before we die"& that is so true.. :) cant to think of it, there's really alot of things going.. & most of it its good & happy.. & here's my story goes...... the first thing i've got was the mp3, sony brand.. & now, my favourite.... blackberry bold 9700~ huhuhu~ i couldnt imaging myself that i have blackberry bold!!! did think of getting one but not for FREE!! yup, i got it free.. the truth is, without "him" who introduce to me, i will not have that smartphone.. so the real thing is, i can online anywhere, everywhere & receive email all the time.. unlimited enternet excess.. kinda change my world now.. :) the next one, i gotta say is canon eos digital 550D.. ok, here's the truth, its not mine but belongs to my company where i work.. the reason why i put it in coz, now im into photography interest.. things arent yet get easy for the first time.. but im pretty sure i will be getting better & maybe will get my own camera soon.. just wait & pray.. hehe~ the next thing was this.. coz... in the month of march (which is almost the end of march) was my birthday.. my colleagues were so sweet that they bought just 2 slices of cakes from the restaurant which i was my favourite one.. well, there's another one, which is LV bag that i bought without regret. the reason why i don put it in coz im definitely lazy to take it out & take a picture of it.. hurmmm.. suddenly feeling kinda lazy when ur getting older... hehe~ well, that's all i have for today.. hope u enjoy it even a liltle.. hehe~